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The following lab is a good lab that will test for over 200 foods and food additives.  The test has an accuracy of 78%, which is much higher than scratch test (30%) or Rast (5-10%) testing.  The latter two are the two most common food allergy tests employed by doctors. 

The Food Intolerance Test tests for over 200 foods and food additive allergies and requires only a single tube of blood. Your family doctor, providing he or she is open minded, can have this test done for you. The first step is to contact, or to have your doctor contact:

Biotrition Laboratory
Tower #2
Suite 404
1701 Golf Road
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 
Phone: (847) 640-1377

The laboratory will send the necessary tube for a blood sample and instructions for your doctor. The blood can then be shipped directly to the lab where the test is to be performed. Biotrition Laboratory will send you the results of your food intolerance test within a few days of receiving your blood sample.

Last Updated: 05/10/2002 02:08